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What My Students Say:

Undergraduates: I’m always happy to work with motivated undergraduates. Reach out if you’re interested in applying for a UROP or want to learn more about research in atmospheric chemistry! At the U, a UROP provides a $1,200 stipend and educational programming for students who assist with a faculty member’s research. 

Graduate Students: I will begin accepting graduate students who apply through the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah beginning during the 2022-2023 application cycle to start in Fall 2023. Please reach out to me via email if you intend to apply and are interested in working with me. I’d be happy to describe the projects I’m looking for students to work on and am also happy to put you in contact with students I have previously mentored or answer any questions you may have about my mentoring style. I’m just as nervous about finding the right first graduate student as you are about finding the right Ph’D advisor, so let’s chat! 

Note: In our department, graduate students incur no cost for tuition and receive health benefits. Graduate students are supported financially at a minimum of $30,000 annually. A $1000 housing allowance will be provided for the first month in residence. To apply, you are not required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Postdocs: Currently, I have no funding for a Postdoc, but I’m very willing to brainstorm projects and submit applications for funding with you. Please reach out if you’re interested in applying for fellowship funding together! As a (very) recent NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Atmospheric Sciences, and candidate on the Faculty market, I can provide resources & tips for successfully navigating today’s competitive job market.

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